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TKM NJ Closter - Krav Maga group classes

Group Classes

Training by experienced teachers on a regular (scheduled) basis to introduce the discipline and hone the abilities of the student. This provides the best results and will improve the skill level/abilities of the student consistently over time. Regular training that will allow the student to maintain a high level of preparedness and develop the ability defend themselves against different types of attacks under a variety of situations.

TKM NJ Closter - Krav Maga Private session with Pavel

Private Lessons

In today’s day and age many of us find ourselves busy going from one thing to the next whether it be work, school, family/children or life in general, and in some cases attending weekly classes at fixed times may not fit into your schedule. Having a busy schedule shouldn’t be a deal breaker when deciding to take up Krav Maga for the first time or wanting to sharpen your skills.

TKM NJ Closter - Krav Maga Closter Women seminar

Women Self-Defense

Unfortunately, with much of the violence in the world aimed at women of all ages (rape, robbery, physical abuse, etc.), it has become imperative for them to know how to judge a potential threat and react to protect themselves. For this reason the TKM organization has set up specific workshops geared towards girls and women. Give us a call today if you want to learn more.

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